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Generators are available for rent at all branch locations.  If the customer is powering a trailer house or
heavy equipment, there is an option for each project.  Generators are available to be delivered to any
location 24 hours a day.  All Generators are equipped with extra fuel capacity for uninterrupted service
and a worry-free power source.  Generator options are:  45KW, 70KW, and 150KW.

Light Towers

Light towers are available for rent at all branch locations.  They are self-contained Allmand Brother’s
light towers with four 1000-watt metal halide lamps mounted on a boom that can extend up to 30’ into
the air.  8KW and 20KW Light Tower Generators are available.

Portable Housing and Water Stations

Rig Power offers two options for housing.  Long-term stays may require more space with the two-
bedroom trailer house or shorter-term stays that may be comfortable in the travel trailers available. 
Though the larger trailers aren’t self-contained, water and septic tank options are available.  Short-term
stay travel trailers are self-contained for short-term use.  Also, many clients choose the option of adding
satellite television to their location.  All of this equipment is delivered to any location, set up, and stocked
for client comfort.

Trash Trailers

Rig Power offers a large fleet of trash trailers available for delivery to any area, oil & gas location, or
construction site. All Rig Power trash trailers are equipped with one side gate and two dual swing gates
on the back for easy loading. A multitude of delivery and swap options are available around the clock.
Trash trailers can be picked up and dumped by Rig Power personnel, or we can deliver an empty unit to
your site and return the full unit to a designated dumping facility.

Porta Potty Trash Trailer Combos

Rig Power Trash Trailer Porta Potty Combos combine two beneficial uses into one piece of equipment.
With two porta potties mounted on the front portion of the trailer, the back portion consists of a trash trailer
receptacle. Each porta potty has the capability of handling 10 people for up to one week. Porta Pot
servicing schedules can be scheduled to your specific usage or needs. Trash dumping or a unit swap can
also be scheduled as the unit eventually fills up.

Other Equipment

Rig Power offers additional equipment to clients. In stock are 8K and 10K forklifts, 60’ and 80” manlifts,
diesel-driven air compressors, industrial power washers, Safety Shower Trailers, and Maxi Heaters Also,
the company has great relationships with other vendors and can provide virtually any equipment the client
may need for a project small or large.

8K Forklifts
10K Forklifts
Maxi Heaters
Safety Shower Trailers
Safety Shower Trailers
Mobile Office Trailers
Mobile Office Trailers
Mobile Office Trailers
Enclosed Cooling Stations
Enclosed Cooling Stations
Open Cooling Stations
Kubota Mules
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