Rental Products

Rig Power has one of the newest and best maintained fleets of equipment in its areas of operation.  It is the goal of the company to provide clients with a worry free power and lighting solution for projects small and large to any location.  The standards of maintenance are rigorous with strict schedules on oil changes and quality checks for generators on location in order to keep uninterrupted service.  Fueling options are available for long term projects as well.  The company strives to have zero down time on equipment and the record proves it with virtually no equipment failures on record. In the event of any problem, we have field service personnel that are available to switch out equipment on location.

Rig Power also offers portable living quarters and ancillary equipment for comfortable lodging in the most remote areas.  Satellite television is an option as well. Rig Power staff keeps the quarters stocked with all the essentials and are always available for needs that may

light towers generators
housing   other equipment

arise or restocking consumable items. Many clients stay for months on location enjoying the comforts of their own home.

Other equipment is available for rent such as air compressors and power washers. Though Rig Power may not


have exactly what you need, the company is known for providing equipment solutions to clients from forklifts to cranes. We are happy to extend our relationship with other vendors to any client and provide the same great service along the way.

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