Rental Products


Rig Power offers two options for housing.  Long term stays may require more space with the two bedroom trailer house or shorter term stays may be comfortable in the travel trailers available.  Though the larger trailers aren’t self contained, water trailers are available.  Travel trailers are self contained for short term use.  Also, many clients choose the option of satellite television on their location.  All of this equipment is delivered to any location, set up and stocked for client comfort.

Additionally, Rig Power is pleased to offer the service of fresh water hauling to clients.  This option is available regardless if the equipment being used by the client is Rig Power’s or not.  This service is available in select locations.


  tower1 Large Living Quarters
  tower2 Travel Trailer
  tower2 Sattelite Television
  tower2 Water Stations
  Water Trucks
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